VendingTower – Just twist & enjoy!

The Vending Tower is designed and produced by IC Trading, specifically for selling tins with Pringles chips. The Vending Tower is also suitable for tins with snacks such as nuts, olives and candy with sizes that are similar to the little tins of Pringles chips. You will find the Vending Tower mostly in places where people are in for a snack with a glass of wine, beer or soda, such as hotels, restaurants and cafés, as well as sport canteens, petrol pump, waiting rooms, offices, schools, shopping centres, amusement parks and so on. The Vending Tower has been very popular in several countries for some time now.
The Vending Tower is an easy way to sell snacks. Customers are just one twist away from the tasteful snack of their choice. No intervention of staff is needed. Once sited the Vending Tower allows 24 hours a day access to your customers like silent salesmen 365 days a year, even working when you are a sleep or on vacation. The Vending Tower is fully mechanic and can therefore be installed at any kind of place. The most favorite and best visible locations are at a bar, reception desk or a counter. The Vending Tower can also be placed on an appropriate stand or be mounted in a wall bracket. See accessories for more information.
Until a few years ago the only vending dispenser on the market was the ‘bulk vendor’. You may remember the transparant little bowl on the bar: your hand close to the dispenser, a quick turn and you had a handful of peanuts. These dispensers are now perceived to be unhygienic. Besides that there was in many cases no label with ingredients or sell date. Therefore in many countries usage of these ‘bulk vendors’ are no longer acceptable as they do not meet the government legislations for food labelling and packaging. The Vending Tower is the next generation of vending dispensers, with sealed tins and dozens of products to choose from. Pringles only, already has eight different kind of flavours.