IC Trading stands for quality and is a reliable vending partner. By having strict quality controls for the products and deliveries IC Trading can give a guarantee on the VendingTowers till 2 year after delivery. All the products have a CE-mark.
The strong frame and the ABS Plastic that is produced on a certain corpulence makes the VendingTower a very solid product. Vandalism is therefore being prevented. The VendingTower is resistant against a good bumb without disturbing the mechanism. 
The guarantee is valid for all parts, as the VendingTower exists of different parts. Damaged or defect parts can easily be replaced, therefore purchasing new parts is not necessary.
When interested, an online movie is available. This movie shows you how to disassemble and install the VendingTower. You just fill in the contact form and you will receive a link to the movie. For more information about the quality and parts of the VendingTower you can contact IC Trading anytime.