In the list below you can find the parts of the VendingTower.

Top lid
The Top lid is to close the VendingTower of taking out cans by public people. The lid fits into the "Top lock holder" that can be closed by the "Top lock". All plastics are made of a strong ABS plastic that is not easy to break.

Top lock
The top lock is fixed into the Top lid. The clip of this lock fits into the "Top lock holder". By a turn of 90 degree you open or close the lid. Every production we use a different key number so it's save to buy 1 or 300 VendingTowers in one time. We have chosen a high quality lock which is visible by using it.

Top lock nut
When you fix the "top lock holder" on the VendingTower you can use this lock nut to mount it. When the rings of the VendingTower are turning, this nut will not turn, this way the VendingTower stay's closed from the top.

Top lock holder
This holder gives a pressure downwards on the rings. It holds the top lock in position to unable to open the lid without a right key. Also a part of the lid is getting into this holder so when you turn the lid, the holder turns with it.

The ring is made of a higher quality plastic and is specially made to look through the ring. There are 7 rings on each other in the VendingTower and 7 rows to put the different products inside.

Central spring
This central spring is fixed between the rings and the position controller. The spring gives a pressure to the position controller so the can will always be on the correct position by using the VendingTower.

Position controller
This controller is positioning the rings on the correct position so the cans are stopping on the correct spot to drop down.

Top casing
This is one (top) part of the base of the VendingTower. Inside this top casing is a wheel where the cans are being controlled. Also the coin system is fixed in the casing.

Castle nuts
These castle nuts are used to fix the top casing.

Top casing caps
These are used to cover the castle nuts and only for a nicer view.

180 stop
This stops makes sure the cans will drop when it's in the correct position. It's not visible from the outside. It's fixed to the bar inside the VendingTower. The 180 stop is connected to the wheel inside and is stopping the wheel when the can should drop.

The wheel is not visible from the outside but it manage the cans to drop and to come out of the VendingTower.

This gear is turned by the coin mechanism and it's moving the wheel to the right.

Coin mechanism
Please read more on the page of accessoires about this coin mechanism.

Distance pieces
There are a few different size of metal distance pieces in the VendingTower. They are use to set the plastic parts in the correct position or to make the VendingTower more stable by using it.

Bottom casing and bottom plate
This part is the second body part that is the base of the VendingTower. The shape inside is controlling the money to fall into the drawl.

The drawl catch the money that is coming out of the coin mechanism. You can takeout the drawl from the back of the VendingTower by using a lock key.

Back lock holder
This back lock holder holds the drawl on position and makes sure the lock is locked from inside the VendingTower.

Back door
This is the door that locks the drawl. It's made of full metal and can't be broken or bend by regular tools.

Back door keys
The back door has another lock then the top lid. This way you can open the back door with a different key as the top lid.

Rubber feet
These rubber feet are fixed by screwing in the bottom plate. When the VendingTower is mounted on the Stand you have to remove these rubber feet first.