Coin system:
this dispenser has several options for the coin system. You can not only change the currency but also the amount of coins. Since IC Trading sells the dispensers in many different countries, there are already coin systems in several currencies. The most frequent are: euro’s, GBP and US dollars.
the VendingTower can be delivered in all desired colours. The most accepted and ordered colours are red, black and chrome.
the VendingTower is 95 cm high and has a diameter of 37 cm. A maximum of 49 tins can be placed in this tower, devided over 7 shafts.
to achieve a maximum visibility of the VendingTower it is commonly placed at a bar, reception desk, counter or at a stand. IC Trading has designed an appropriate stand especially to support the tower. With this stand the tower achieves a better hight which makes the VendingTower more consiuous. These stands can be ordered separately. Also a wall bracket is designed as an ideal solution for mounting the VendingTower at any place and on every desired height.
To fix the VendingTower to the wall we have produced a 'Wall Bracket'! With this bracket the VendingTower is fixed to a wall by screws. It's easy to mount the VendingTower into the wall bracket and gives more safety and the best possible height. Please take a look at the picture below. This is a example how it looks like. Soon we have a real photo of the wall bracket.