VendingTower – Just twist & enjoy!
The Vending Tower is designed by IC Trading and is created to sell tins with Pringles chips. The Vending Tower is also suitable for tins of the same size with other snacks such as nuts, olives and candy. The Vending Tower has been very popular in several countries for some time now. Click here and read more about the Vending Tower.
  IC Trading
IC Trading is a Dutch company with an international scope. IC Trading has a lot of knowledge and experience with different vending machines and is producer of the Vending Tower, also known as the Pringles Tower.
The Vending Tower and you
All over Europe there are still thousands of potential sites for the Vending Tower. If there are possibilities in your region to make the Vending Tower a success, on a small or large scale, please contact IC Trading. The Vending Tower is available per container, per pallet or per piece. Click here for further information.
  Contact information
 If you are interested in the Tower vendor please contact IC Trading by phone +31 (0) 614 871 913 or fill in the contact form. You will be contacted by IC Trading